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Design Build


This type of service generally comes with a contingency that reduces as the design process moves along. During this type of service, ACC Inc interacts at the earliest stage to incorporate the design process in the construction. Coordination is stressed in this process to reduce conflict between design and construction.


ACC Inc initiates working sessions with our clients, the architect and the engineer to understand the conceptual design intent of the project.
ACC Inc prepares a detailed trade-by-trade conceptual budget estimate from the conceptual scope of work.
ACC Inc provides a detailed trade-by-trade preliminary schedule based on the conceptual scope of work.
ACC Inc identifies long lead items for pre-purchase.
ACC Inc works closely with our clients, the architect and the engineer during design process in order to meet schedule and cost constraints.
ACC Inc develops value-engineering recommendations to meet these constraints.
   Bid and Award:
ACC Inc conducts subcontractor interviews and establishes a bid list based on contractor availability, quality craftsmanship, bondability and adherence to client/building rules and regulations.
ACC Inc, upon approval of the bidder's list, will prepare bid packages to ensure competitive and complete costs for all trades.
ACC Inc develops bid alterations for materials, fabrication and installation techniques to provide cost and/or schedule improvements.
ACC Inc reviews bids and conducts meetings with contractors to discuss schedule, scope and cost to ensure a complete scope of work.
ACC Inc provides a detailed scope of work analysis, trade contractor recommendation and a schedule of unit rates. Final trade contractor selections shall be made with the clients consent.
ACC Inc creates a final detailed trade-by-trade constructions schedule.
ACC Inc provides a project cost summary reflecting actual costs versus approved budget costs.
   Construction Phase:
ACC Inc's construction team will be comprised of:

- A ACC Inc principal throughout the construction process.
- A project manager to oversee the construction process.
- A project superintendent to run the day-to-day field operations.
- A project estimator to prepare budgets, provide base cost analysis and estimate additional
  client requests.
- A project laborer to provide a safe clean working environment.
ACC Inc provides a continuous presence on the job site from project inception to final sign-off by architect and engineer.
ACC Inc proactively outlines an existing condition report to avoid possible conflicts during construction
ACC Inc creates and maintains an open items list to monitor product arrival and ensure schedule compliance.
ACC Inc holds weekly project meetings with our client, architect, engineer and our subcontractors to ensure quality control, safety and adherence to the project schedule.
ACC Inc issues weekly meeting minutes and project logs to facilitate the communication process.
ACC Inc completes all punch lists in a timely matter to acquire final architectural and engineering signoff.
   Post construction:
ACC Inc pushes to receive temporary certificate of occupancy.
ACC Inc collects contractor final lien waivers.
ACC Inc submits a comprehensive close-out package inclusive of warranty and maintenance programs for equipment and materials.

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